How to Best Prepare Your Home for Sale


Today’s buyers respond to bright and airy decor, so try to take a “buyer’s” view of your own home. Here are some easy tips to prepare the interior of your home for successful marketing.

  1. Remove all wallpaper. Wallpaper is considered dated or the pattern is most likely considered dated. Buyers do not want the chore or the cost of removing wallpaper.
  2. Paint all walls in light, neutral shades. There are several websites that can advise on the best neutral colors or ask your paint professional.
  3. All trim, including stair risers and railing spindles should be painted a white semi-gloss.
  4. Remove all wall to wall carpeting and area rugs. Yes, area rugs, they visually close in the size of rooms. In areas where there is no hardwood floor under the carpets consider replacing with a neutral, tight weave carpet. Some of the big box stores offer reasonably priced carpeting that fits this criteria.
  5. Refinish and stain hardwood floors, preferably in one of the popular, darker stains such as special walnut or jacobean.
  6. Remove heavy drapery and swags. Less is more when it comes to windows. Shades or shutters are enough. Simple, solid panels neatly pushed to the side of each window adds warmth and a touch of color without weighing down or darkening the room.
  7. Declutter your home. Toss out, give away, sell, rent a storage unit…do whatever it takes to eliminate all the excess items in your home, closets, basement, attic, kitchen and bath cabinets.
  8. Clean everything, wash windows, scrub bath tiles, polish floors, remove scuffs from woodwork, walls and stair risers, dust and vacuum.