Six Inexpensive Staging Tips to Earn You More When You Sell

hallwayIt is absolutely true a staged home sells faster and for more $ than an un-staged one.

  1. Declutter your home. Pack away knick-knacks, family photos and extra books. Clean out closets and cabinets. Buyers look everywhere!
  2. Remove 10% of your furniture. Then move furniture away from the walls when possible. This will give the feel of the rooms being larger.
  3. Light: Wash windows and remove valances and most window treatments. Go for clean, bright and lots of light. Increase the wattage to 100 on all of your light bulbs.
  4. Give your bathroom the spa treatment. Put out fresh white towels rolled up. Add candles and be sure every inch (that’s every inch) of this room scrubbed clean and polished. Remove bath mats, stash all personal items and for goodness sake, put the toilet seat cover down!
  5. Remove window treatments and valances. Simple, solid panels hanging along the sides of the windows is all you need. Remove area rugs. Polished floors are best.
  6. Dust from the top down and don’t miss the surface of anything, even a quarter inch wide ledge. Vacuum carpets and floors including inside closets, steps and basement rugs. Scrub scuffs off woodwork and stair risers. Wash finger prints from walls, doors and light switches. If cleaning is “not your thing” make the investment in hiring a good professional.
  7. Kitchens sell houses.  That’s a whole topic so you will need to read my blog “How to Stage the Most Important Room of the House.”